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Tree Surgery Exeter

We provide professional services for tree surgery in Exeter and throughout Mid, South and East Devon. Our expert tree services are available to both residential, commercial and local authority clients and all services are completed by staff that are qualified in woodland management and tree surgery. Whether you need trees pruning, tree removal, felling, crown reduction or emergency tree management, we provide a fast response at a competitive price. To arrange tree services in Exeter and the surrounding areas including Poltimore, Broadclyst, Pinhoe, South and East Devon, get in touch for a free quote.

Tree Pruning

Regular tree pruning is essential to ensure your trees are healthy, free from disease and safe. Our expert tree surgeons have the skill and expertise to deal with all types of trees and can work at extensive heights. We have all the required equipment and PPE to ensure the work is completed safely and efficiently.

Whether you require large trees cutting back that are overhanging public roads or getting too close to buildings, or you need your fruit trees pruning to ensure they produce a plentiful crop, we can help.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction reduces the sides and top of the crown. You may require the crown reduction for the following reasons:

Crown Raising

Crown raising involves the removal of lower branches and deadwood with the aim to essentially ‘raise’ the crown of the tree. This process is ideal if branches are low hanging and obstructing lawn space below. It can also help allow more overall light flow into your outside space.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is the process of removing diseased, dead and dying branches. This process will even out the thickness of the foliage and provide a neat and tidy shape. Crown thinning is perfect for allowing more light flow. It can also help to improve the appearance of the tree, reduce wind resistance and mitigate the risk of the tree blowing over in extremely windy conditions.

Tree Removal

Tree removal can be a tricky task and is best left to experienced professionals. Our team have the equipment to carefully dismantle trees safely. Our climbers will dismantle trees from the top-down, carefully removing sections of the tree and reducing the height throughout the process until it is at ground level. We can also remove the tree stump if required.

Tree Felling

Tree felling can be required for many reasons including the removal of diseased trees and creating space for building developments. This process can only happen if we have adequate space to complete the task safely without risk to buildings or other structures that are close by. If there is not enough space to safely fell the tree, we will recommend tree dismantling as an alternative option. Our expert tree surgeons have the expertise to calculate the right cutting points and angles to safely fell trees. This will avoid any unnecessary damage to the surrounding area. If required, we can also grind and remove the stump.

Emergency Tree Surgery

We offer a 24-hour emergency tree surgery service throughout Exeter, Mid, South and East Devon. If your trees have suffered storm damage and are posing a health and safety risk or have fallen and need removing immediately, then call us for a fast response.

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If you have trees or woodland that need maintaining, then get in touch to arrange a free quote. Our tree services are available to clients throughout Exeter, Mid, South and East Devon. So, whether you are in Broadclyst, Torquay, Plymouth, Sidmouth, Honiton or Tiverton, we can help.

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