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Woodland Management Exeter

Our specialist team are fully qualified in woodland management and are available to work for both commercial and private clients. We provide a whole host of services including tree and vegetation management, identification and removal of diseased trees, thinning and replanting. We have extensive experience in maintaining all kinds of woodland areas including ancient woodlands. To find out more about our woodland management in Exeter and the surrounding areas of Devon, please contact us.

What is Woodland Management?

Woodland management is essential routine maintenance that monitors and cares for the woodland, biodiversity and ecosystem. Lack of management can cause a negative impact on the area, and its animal and insect inhabitants.

Woodlands normally consist of trees of around the same age; therefore, the tree canopy is usually a relatively even height. This uniform woodland structure can lead to issues if not managed properly. For example, if sunlight through to the woodland floor is limited, plant and flora regrowth can be inhibited. As a result, tree thinning, felling and replanting is required which will help the woodland flourish and remain healthy.

Diseased trees can also pose a risk. It is important that any diseased trees are identified early on and treated or removed before they infect the surrounding woodland.

Woodland Services

Our woodland services are performed by trained professionals that are qualified in all the required tickets, so can safely and effectively use all necessary machinery needed. Furthermore, we are fully insured, so you can have peace of mind you are employing a specialist tree services company that takes all relevant precautions and puts health and safety first. Our woodland maintenance services include:

Contact S. Campbell Landscaping & Tree Services

For further information about our woodland management in Exeter and the surrounding areas of Devon, get in touch with the team. With experience in both newly planted and ancient woodlands, we can care for your woodland and provide expert advice for the years to come. We operate throughout Mid, South and East Devon, so for professional woodland services, get in touch with the team.

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